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        Shenzhen DZT international freight agency co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the DZT) to the international air transport, import and export express between shenzhen and Hong Kong, international express for the main business. Existing DZT (Hong Kong) international freight agency co., LTD., and large kilter (chengdu) international freight agency co., LTD., the two branches. The international agent network throughout Europe, North America, Australia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa, providing the world's main airport and port customs clearance delivery, freight collection, transport and import the transportation and other services. Equipped with nearly 2000 square meters of large-scale warehouse in Hong Kong and transit places, has more than 20 vehicles, sufficient capacity is convenient, and with a number of well-known domestic and overseas logistics giants, airlines closely to ensure smooth logistics operation.
        DZT in group internal integration of south China, east China, north China and southwest region of the advantages of the line, to meet the guest limitation, shipping space, customs and other conditions, superior provides guests with freight rate, wide choice, convenient operation, safe and efficient best logistics solutions, to meet the demand of the guest target. At present, shenzhen kilter international freight agency co., LTD has a high degree of professionalism, strong professional skills and efficient high-quality team, relying on to the international air transport industry veteran professional to explore, cutting-edge trends, always grasp the freight industry with advanced logistics operation system, to provide quality and convenient logistics service for the guest.
       DZT International freight forwarders through diversified value-added services improve the core competitiveness of enterprise products, optimize logistics chain will enhance the enterprise the comprehensive competitive power, reduce business operating costs, found in the service and the profit of the unity of the two logistics enterprise and customer win-win combining site, to the good faith management, professional services to achieve customer recognition. DZT foothold in China, face the world. Large kilter people aspire to a world famous brand of logistics, in the tide of global integration to better safeguard the rights and interests of clients to provide more high quality modern logistics services. Professional advantage: in addition to the ordinary goods, for customers to solve large volume, overweight, dangerous goods, such as certificate of complicated cases in special cargo services.
       Hand in hand DZT, everything is successful!
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